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The Spinnaker is a special type of sail that fills with wind, ballooning off a ship’s bow. Constructed of a lightweight fabric, it is referred to as flying when deployed. Our advanced performance line embodies this spirit down to the smallest details with our highest stretch, moisture wicking properties, and zero hassle maintenance requiring no ironing or dry cleaning.

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MOISTURE WICKING Our unique fabric blend breathes better than cotton and keeps you cooler all day long.

FOUR-WAY STRETCH Performance fabric that’s made to move with you.

WRINKLE RESISTANT Our fabric naturally won’t crease or wrinkle like traditional dress shirts and doesn’t need to be ironed. They also don’t need that harsh chemical treatment like other “non-iron” shirts out there.

LOW MAINTENANCE Say goodbye to ironing and dry cleaning. Throw it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry. It’s ready to wear in 16 minutes.